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The Attic Tent Insulator 

Your attic door provides two ways for your home to lose valuable energy. First, it is basically a hole in the ceiling allowing air to pass through. Newer homes require the attic door to be sealed, but in older homes the attic door usually allows air to easily pass through. This is no different than leaving a window partially open. Secondly, most attic doors are not insulated. This provides a channel for heat and air to easily pass through. It is essentially a “bald spot” in your attic door insulator will significantly reduces air loss, drastically lowering your energy bill, but also provides safe and easy zipper accessibility into your attic. It also keeps blown insulation up in the attic where it belongs, not on your floor, each time you open your attic stair door.

Can I Install It Myself?

No it takes our HVAC Tech to install your attic tent insulator to make sure we have a tight seal he will be making exact measurements and installing it takes stable guns and calking seal to insure your attic is air tight.   

How Does It Save Energy?

There are two things this attic tent insulator does it seals leaks into your home. The most common air leakage is the attic door or attic staircase. The Attic Tent will seal and insulate the attic staircase keeping your cooling and heating dollars in your home. 

Choosing the Right Size Attic Tent Insulator 

(We sell many different models and sizes so we get the best fit for your home) 

  • Customers HVAC systems will perform more efficiently and your home will be weather tight 
  • Customers will love the added warmth and cooling to their home 
  • Helps with Allergy control in the home (IAQ) with breathing and less pollutants in your home 
  • Keeps humidity, moisture, dust and debris from coming into your home 
  • Keeps your heating and Cooling dollars from escaping from your home into the attic lowering your energy bill and helping the system last longer and your system from working harder to cool or heat your home 
  • Your price $400.00 Installed  or $350.00 Installed for our Comfy Club Maintenance Customers call today  to set up your Installation to keep your home cleaner and air tight






















Filter Service

Looking for an air conditioning filter? We’ve got you covered with the largest selection of air filters available.

  • Low Prices
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Installed and the grate cleaned by our techs
  • Knowing your system is breathing clean air from a fresh filter makes your home happy
  • We can change them every month every 3 months or every 6 months with your maintenance
  • All filters are $10.00 unless it’s a specialty filter then we can get you pricing

Although relatively cheap, your air conditioning filter can be the biggest factor in determining the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, your unit’s longevity and your health as well.  Let’s face it season changes can be taxing both on your body and your HVAC unit, but ensuring that an air conditioning filter change is part of your routine is one of the most important factors in ensuring the health of you and your air conditioner all year long.  Here are some simple central AC filter tips that you can use to keep you and your HVAC system running smoothly for many seasons to come.

For More info Call our office at (678) 548-2988 and we will get your filter changed and the grate cleaned.












At Brian Services Cooling & Heating we have the latest technology to help maintain the quality of the air in your home. This is especially valuable in the Flu Season.
Our systems are set up to aggressively combat any sources that can lead to sickness.

We understand how important it is to maintain your AC system and keep the ducts clean and open, with proper maintenance harmful gasses, viruses, and odors can be reduced by up to 99%!

For just pennies on the dollar you and your whole family can be protected from illness causing microorganisms!

HVAC systems that aren’t properly maintained can actually cause more harm than good. Due to the nature of their inner workings they can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful microorganisms like mold and other allergens. At Locust Grove HVAC pros we check systems and make sure they’re working properly and are cleaned properly to prevent this from happening. We want only the cleanest air for our customers!