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AC Maintenance

Comfort Club Maintenance Program

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You save money on your utility bills with the Comfort Club our Maintenance program offers you 2 professional maintenance visits per year winter/summer, 10% off parts and first 24 hour appointment!!!  Proper maintenance keeps your air conditioning and heating system running more efficiently which means it doesn’t have to work as hard and uses less energy to operate. You’ll write smaller checks to the utility company. And, during our maintenance visits, our trained service technicians can usually spot minor issues before they cause an expensive breakdown. We have In-house Financing for Big Repair’s or Installation so don’t worry We Finance everyone at Brian Services we care about your air.


Maintenance Agreement   1) system $165.00 for the year or $15.00 monthly

2) system $225.00 for the year or $20.00 monthly

3) system $300.00 for the year or $27.00 monthly

(  Your maintenance comes with 2 cleanings a year 10% off parts and first 24 Hour appointments)

  • Fewer inconvenient and expensive service calls
  • Priority customer status
  • Special discount on our flat rate pricing
  • 10% discount on all parts Compliance with a condition of an extended warranty program
  • Call Now for Maintenance, Repair, Service, Installation, Inspection
  • (678) 548-2988